frequently asked questions

We make India's Smartest Water Purifiers and are redefining water purifier ownership. We're a young company combining the best of IoT and Water Purification technologies to make sure you don't have to worry about drinking water again!

We’re currently operational in Bangalore.

Smart Ownership is the smarter way of Owning your Water Purifier. With our Smart Ownership Program, we promise you 3 things:

  • We install our Smart purifier at your place free of cost (No upfront Investment).
  • We provide Lifetime free Maintenance (No AMC Crap).
  • We give free upgrade with a New Latest purifier every 30 Months.

We believe Smart Ownership is a smarter way of owning a water Purifier rather than spending a hefty amount upfront to buy a Water Purifier and Thousands every year on Expensive Maintenance Contracts. With us you don’t have to worry about any of that. You just have to pay us a small amount based on what you consume and leave the rest to us.

More than 65% of people who own a water purifier do not get Pure Water simply because the purification capacity of a Water Purifier is as good as its Maintenance Cycle.

Please send us a brief mail on and we will be right with you.

PS: We have attractive offers for our Bulk Customers.

We know it takes time to get to know your Purifier the kind that is just not possible in a 15 Minutes Demo. Hence we provide you a 7 Days Risk Free Trial, wherein if you don’t like our Product within the first 7 Days, we refund the entire amount you have paid.

We take Rs 1500/- as our Refundable Security Deposit. The deposit is completely refundable once you return us back the water purifier.

We offer Free Installation and Relocation for our Purifiers.

We would need your ID and Address Proofs to Continue. Rental Agreement is considered as a Valid Address Proof.

We do not have a Minimum Contract Tenure. You can disconnect anytime by giving us a 30 Days Notice Period.

We need to collect a minimum amount from each of our Purifiers each Month for our Model to Sustain. However, we offer a validity extension feature of 30 Days once every 12 months of usage. To avail this feature, please do let us know in advance by sending us an E-Mail to and we would be able to provide a validity extension at a special price of Rs 250/- for 30 Days irrespective of the plan you're on.

Your Balance will be carried forward till the time you continue using the same Subcription Plan.
The Balance gets reset when you change plans.

We have ISO Certifications for quality and Water Quality certified by leading labs.

Our Purifiers work optimally till a Hardness (TDS) of 1500 PPM.

As a part of our Installation process, we make sure that the quality of your Input (Raw) Water is upto the standards where it can be purified. Then we will proceed with the Installation.

Drink Prime has a Purification capacity of 15 Litres / Hour and a Storage Tank Capacity of 10 Liters.

An RO water purifier consumes approximately 50 – 60 Watts which is quite low. To put it in Perspective, that’s 1/4th Power consumed by most modern 5 Star Refrigerators.

Our body requires natural minerals in balanced amounts which it gets from the water. Purification process removes all such minerals along with dissolved impurities. Our unique TDS balancer preserves the essential minerals that are needed for our body.

You may choose to omit any one of the multiple purification stages, however it is strongly advisable that your Purifier should have all the necessary Purification stages RO+UV+UF.

More than 85% of our customers choose to use the Purifier as a Wall Hanging Unit. However you can choose to use the unit both as a wall hanging as well as a Counter Top Unit.

Our experienced Installation Team will take care of all the necessary Power / Water Line changes required during the installation process.

We service your Purifier based on the below parameters:

  • Quality of your Input Water
  • Amount of Water that has passed through your Purifier
  • The time since Last Service

Most of our Services are scheduled once every 3 -5 Months.

If you have been using Bottled Water for a long time, please give a couple of days to adjust to the taste of your New Purifier. If you want the taste to be adjusted still please create an Issue through the App and our team and we will schedule a service visit.

In case of any Issues with your purifier, Please switch off the Purifier and request a visit from the App. We will visit your place and get it rectified.

During your Regular Service visits, you can expect the below:

  • Regular filter change service per term
  • Top quality exterior maintenance service
  • Examine performance
  • Consultation on your health and wellness

We replace the necessary Filters, Cartridges and other consumables during the service process free of cost during our regular service visits.

Our remote health monitoring algorithm continuously monitors the device health. We use this information to schedule proactive maintenance activities to ensure you get not just clean but healthy drinking water.

Yes, you would need to download the App to view your real-time consumption details, Make Payments and Schedule Proactive Maintenance Activities.

Absolutely. We recommend you Sync the Purifier with your app once every 15 Days. Anybody can Sync the Purifier by downloading the App and entering the Purifier ID.

You can recharge the Purifier through your App and your friend can sync the purifier by using his App and then the Purifier should start working.

Before your Balance / Validity gets over, you will receive a Notification / SMS prompting you to recharge the Purifier. You can do so through the App.