The Smartest Way to Drink Water

Experience the smartest way to manage your drinking water. No upfront costs, No maintenance charges, Free upgrades and much more.

The DrinkPrime App
Your water purifier is connected to the cloud, thanks to the Drink Prime App. Whether it's checking for water quality or scheduling monthly payments, it's got you covered.
Assured Safe Drinking Water
We remotely monitor your water purifier for quality to make sure you are drinking nothing but the cleanest water.
Hassle Free Experience
We monitor and schedule proactive maintenance to ensure you have one less thing to worry about.

Best in its Class Purification​

When we say best, we really mean it. There’s no other water purifier which gives as much functionality in its range. We’ve engineered it from the ground up to ensure absolute purity and taste.

Our innovative purification system gives you water that is not just clean, pure and healthy, but also tastes natural and refreshing.

Embrace the 3-in-1 Advantage of RO+UV+UF

The RO system removes dissolved impurities, the UF filters out microbes & cysts, and the UV eliminates bacteria & viruses.

What you finally get is pure water that’s free of even the tiniest contamination. Our water purifier is ISO-certified for quality and also certified by many leading water quality labs.

Product Specifications

Purification Capacity

15 Litres/Hour

Storage Tank Capacity

10 Litres

Inlet Pressure Rating

7 psi to 30 psi

Inlet Water Temperature

10°C to 35°C

Membrane Type

Thin Film Composite RO

Booster Pump Voltage

24 Volt DC

Inlet Power Supply

15 Litres/Hour

Maximum Duty Cycle

Single Phase 220 ± 10V AC, 50 Hz

Power Comsumption

60 W