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Get India's Smartest
Water Purifier
For Free

Pay only for the water you consume.
Try us with 7 Day No Risk Trial

3-in-1 Advantage with RO+UV+UF

It's In-built sensors remotely monitors the quality & quantity of water dispensed. Ensuring you get Pure water Each Time.


Suitable for All Input Water Sources 

RO system removes dissolved impurities, the UF filters out microbes & cysts, and the UV eliminates bacteria & viruses.
What you finally get is pure water that’s free of even the tiniest contamination. Our water purifier is ISO-certified for quality.

Installed and Maintained by Experts for FREE!

Just pay for the water you consume and leave the rest to us.
Plans cheaper than your existing Purifier AMC.


Smartness in every drop!

Our Purifiers come equipped with smart sensors that measure the quality and quantity of water dispensed.  This data is relayed back to our servers through a Bluetooth Module which syncs with the Drink Prime App on your Phone.

We use the information to monitor the quality of the device and schedule proactive maintenance activities.

Never Gets Outdated

With us your Purifier never gets outdated!
We Upgrade your Purifier with the latest technologies once every 30 Months for Free.


Rs 1500/- Refundable Security Deposit.

7 Days
No Risk Trial

Didn't like our Product? We will refund the full amount back, No Questions Asked.

Cancel Anytime

Moving out of the city? Return us back the device and take back your full Security Deposit.

Free Maintenance

Just Pay for the water you use and leave the rest to us.


350 per month
  • Upto 100 Litres
  • Additional Usage @ Rs 3/L
  •  1 - 2 People households
  • Rs 300 Per Month on prepayment of 6 Months (15% Discount)


500 per month
  • Upto 250 Litres 
  • Additional Usage @ Rs 2/L
  •  2 - 4 People households
  • Rs 400 Per Month on prepayment of 6 Months (20% Discount)


700 per month
  • Upto 400 Litres 
  • Additional Usage @ Rs 1/L
  • 4+ People households
  • Rs 500 Per Month on prepayment of 6 Months (28% Discount)

So what’s the catch?
There isn’t one. Seriously. No Maintenance Contracts, No tricksy fine print, Just pay for the water you drink and leave the rest to us.

Our Purifiers use RO+UV+UF technology at par with the best available in the market.
We use Imported RO Membranes which can withstand TDS levels of upto 2000 PPM.
We do a thorough check of the input water and only proceed with the Installation if the input water quality is good for the purifier to perform optimally.

- The installation process typically takes less than 60 Minutes
- We would need a 2 hour time slot from you to proceed with the installation. It is recommended that you are personally present during the process.
- Our installation fleet come with a experience of atleast 5 years, we take care of the plumbing and electrical connections necessary for a seamless installation experience.

- Absolutely. More than 80% of our customers stay in rented apartments. 
- You can use the product both as a Counter Top as well as a Wall Mount Device.
- We take extra care such that the installation process doesn't require any major drilling / plumbing changes.

We understand it takes time to experience your water purifier the kind that is not possible in a fifteen minute demo. Thats why we take the demo process to a whole another level through our 7 days no risk trial. A first of its kind in the Indian water industry, we offer full refund incase you are not completely satisfied with the device/water/service quality.

Your security deposit is completely refundable whenever you return us the device.
The only reason we might deduct the security deposit is in cases of physical damage to the device.

With more than 1000 customers throughout Bangalore, there is a high likelyhood that we are present in your area if you are in Bangalore.
We are also looking at expanding to other cities shortly.


No 231, 17th F Main
5th Block Koramangala 


Email :       
Phone : +91 725 984 6779